Today I decided to start a blog to keep friends, family, and myself up to date with my adventures in Milan. I move there in January and this past weekend I visited with my mum to find an apartment, visit the uni and plan my life there! It was certainly an enlightening trip; here are my top 10 findings before the big move:

1) Italians wear sunglasses in all weather conditions regardless of whether they are in or outdoors.

2) The timetable of a Management masters student looks considerably different to that of a Music undergrad.

3) I have an appalling sense of direction.

4) Pasticcerias provide all kinds of sensory pleasures.

5) If you meet a 90yr old Italian who wants to chat – engage! It may be the most enlightening and honest conversation you’ve had all year.

6) Don’t go to the bank mid-morning – everyone goes out for an espresso.

7) Whether you’re in a Michelin star restaurant or a grotty cafe with a hole for a loo, the food is always fresh and delicious.

8) Just because the man is green does not mean cars won’t drive through your crossing.

9) A queue of impatient people is unlikely to spur any sense of urgency in an Italian at work.

10) Despite the inevitable battle to maintain any form of waistline, I think I’m going to love it there!

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