A month alla milanese and Easter greetings!

Firstly, my sincere apologies for my blog absence! It’s been an extremely busy and exciting month but I’ve now returned home to my beautiful island of Guernsey for a spot of rest for the Easter week – bliss! My first proper roast dinner for 3 months was very welcome – Buona Pasqua a tutti! Here are a few of the highlights from the last month of my life alla milanese…

1) Made lots of music! I now play with two orchestras and sing with a choir and have joined a quartet at the Conservatorio di Milano which is all very exciting. I’m very lucky to have found such excellent musicians nearby who’ve allowed me to network pretty quickly with the musical world of Milan and when I finish my exams in May I hope to have some lessons with some of the fantastic cellists based near Milan. In the last month I’ve done about six concerts and I have even more on the horizon. They say that music is the ultimate international language and they couldn’t be more right. Apart from the fact that they use solfedge and have different words to describe things, I’ve made most of my friends here through music and I’m so grateful for that.


2) I somehow managed to survive an interview entirely in Italian to secure an internship with a production music company in Milan from January till June of 2015. Also, in another of what seems to have been a string of wonderful coincidences, the office is 30 seconds from my apartment. Given that I am already wearing my summer wardrobe and overheating on the walk to University I think this might be my saving grace for the summer months!

3) Had my Birthday! I am now 22 years old and on my Birthday weekend I was kindly asked to join the Orchestre Symphonique du Mont Blanc in a weekend of concerts in Chamonix and Geneva and what a fantastic weekend it was! My favourite moment was arriving in our accommodation which was owned by an English lady. There was a kettle, a toaster, Lea and Perrins, Marmite – I felt right at home! My friends were trying to boil a lot of water in a pan and when I suggested they use the kettle they looked at me completely blankly. “How does it work?” and “What does it do?” were never questions I thought somebody would ask about a kettle… brilliant. We also played ‘I spy with my little eye’ which was extremely funny because they all chose words that they already knew in English; it’s a very difficult game when you are trying to guess things like ‘triangle’ and ‘grey’. A massive thank you to Mauro for transporting us and Enrico and Viola for being such wonderful company!




4) I had a party at my apartment which was excellent fun. I prepared heaps of food and cocktails and around 20 of my closest friends all came over for the evening. It also coincided with Design Week in Milan which meant that all of the streets were packed full of people; silent discos, clubs and bars pouring onto the streets and live entertainment make for an incredible atmosphere on a warm spring evening. The 20 minute walk across a 20 metre packed bridge was not quite so fun – I think we’ll avoid that next time. Thanks to all my friends for your gifts and for making it such a special night for me!



In the meantime I’ve also written some music, had a visit from my west-end superstar friend Jordan Veloso and written about 30,000 words for my University course. Now for a week of relaxation, English speaking, gravy, sliced bread, family time and walks on the beach with my beautiful dog, Jack. Alla prossima – I promise not to leave it so long next time Auntie Jennifer!


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