Summertime… and the living is sweaty.

I can’t quite believe it but it’s over 5 months since I moved to Italy! In that time I have definitely adapted to the lifestyle – I am even sometimes late for rehearsals(!), but in true English fashion I am going to moan about the weather. When I knew I would be living in Italy I couldn’t wait for summer, I’ve been growing my hair out and pictured myself looking gloriously tanned with my long golden locks wondering around the cobbled streets in colourful dresses eating gelato. This hasn’t quite come to fruition as I would have liked it to…

hot chiara

Chiara alla Milanese: June onwards.

It all began around May when it started to snow pollen – this was a very odd experience for me and something that I’ve never seen before! It was quite beautiful really as the sun beamed down onto my balcony through the curtain of fluff. I felt pretty bad for those with allergies but they seem to all have lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for the gelato I was eating on the street which very quickly resembled cone stuffed with cotton wool – a sad day indeed for ice cream.

Spring snow! (pollen)

Spring snow! (pollen)

The spring snow passed and the weather was fantastic, warm enough to sunbath on my balcony but cool enough to wear the clothes I own. This very suddenly changed a couple of weeks ago when, my flatmate tells me, the heat came here from Africa. I think I nearly cried with joy when I found a shop where I could buy a fan and have spent the last week indoors as much as possible, sat in front of my newly acquired fan wondering if I’ll ever be able to go outside without my hair in a bun or wearing those awfully restricting, sweat inducing things formerly known to me as trousers. The answer is of course – absolutely not. When I answered a Skype call to my Mum last week, upon seeing my appearance she asked whether I had been working out. Unsurprisingly, I had not been, but apparently sitting down doing nothing in 38 degrees made me look like I had. All however is not lost as we recently had a huge storm which, while ruining a pair of brand new shoes, is forgiven because it has brought with it a cool wind – I’ve never been so happy being a little chilly in the evening. But it won’t last long so I am now prepared with my fan, short shorts, strappy tops, hair bands, small handbag sized towels and open shoes. Come at me city summer heat!

Having finished my university exams, I am now kept busy by orchestras, choirs, quartets and compositions. I’ve sung a mass in Lodi, an opera in Piazzola sul Brenta and Borodin Quartet number 2 at the conservatorio as well as taking part in various events around Milan in the MiTo Fringe which is going on at the moment. I’ve also had a few guests and managed a weekend trip to Florence and Lucca which were both beautiful. I’m really looking forward to heading out of the city and to the hills of Tortona for a pool party with some friends soon! Despite my daily struggle to stay sweat free and hydrated – Milan is beautiful at the moment. The streets are packed every night for Aperitivo and the piazzas host live music and events perfect to be enjoyed gelato in hand after a cheeky Spritz.

The only successful jumping shot from the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

The only successful jumping shot from the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

Aperitivo time at Navigli!

Aperitivo time at Navigli!

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