Chiara alla Milanese a year on!

Well it has been a good six months since I last posted (sorry!) and a whole year since I moved to Milan! Life got pretty hectic and blogging got put down the importance list for a few months… but I’m back now 🙂 Since the last entry I have been home for the summer, come back to Milan and done another semester at ESE, gone home for Christmas and come back to sit final exams (with lots of other bits and bobs in between)… which means I have now finished exams! This last term at Uni was really enjoyable, I have had some great classmates and lecturers and feel like I’ve really learned a lot and been able to apply the things I learned in the first semester. Revising over Christmas is quite frankly the last thing anybody wants to do but regardless I think the exams have all gone pretty well – I’ll have to wait and see anyhow.


Revision…? Or playing with these cuties in matching Christmas jumpers?! Exactly.

When I moved to Italy last year (it’s been a whole year!) I thought that I would visit lots of Italian cities which unfortunately hasn’t been the case. I didn’t account for all the rehearsals and concerts I would be doing at the weekends on top of coursework and exams. But I am happy to say that I finally visited Venice! My boyfriend and I (another life update since my last post – eek) did a little day trip there in November. I’m so pleased that we got to see it and it wasn’t very crowded at all which I hear is extremely rare. We had a trip on a gondola and visited most of the famous sites – it really is a special place. Having said that as we wondered around the little streets I couldn’t help but think how awkward it must be to live there! I do think everybody should see it once as it is undeniably beautiful and unique but I’m glad I don’t have to get a water taxi to get my shopping home. I am told the best time to see it is at night but as we only did a day trip we didn’t get to see that… next time!

Venice 2

Venice 3Venice 1

So it’s the beginning of a new chapter for me now as I start my internship tomorrow! It’s at a small production music company very near my apartment and will be all in Italian which is so exciting but also really nerve racking. Looking forward to getting into a ‘normal’ routine but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss the student style lie ins. I’ll also be writing my dissertation at the same time and continuing with as much music making as I can. Since my last post I’ve come to enjoy drawing and painting rather a lot too – it’s something I always dabbled with but that I’ve started to do more frequently and it’s very therapeutic. I’ve just started working on a painting of the Duomo (ambitious, I know) so if it’s any good I’ll share it with you all in due course. For now, here’s one I did over Christmas.


Anyway, just a little update from me seeing as it’s been so long but I hope to write a bit more frequently in the next few months – especially as I get a taste of what it’s like to work in Italy…! A presto, Chiara x

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