It’s not over ’til the fat lady drops a dress size!

The last two weeks have flown by! I am totally settled in now and loving Italian life. My Uni course is very interesting and the choir I have joined is fantastic; we sang a mass at San Calimero on Sunday and I’ve made some great friends there. I will also be performing in a concert of String Quartets / Quintets in March and am in rehearsals for an Opera Buffa which will be performed all over Milan in May!

I have learned many important life lessons in the last 2 weeks (like dancing in Italy won’t end before 5am so never plan anything the next day) but there is one in particular which I feel needs to be shared. We have all found ourselves wondering how Italian women are so slim when their diets are made up of pizza and pasta… Last weekend, I found the answer: Shopping!


This answer is three-fold:

1) Clothes sizes are ridiculous. I genuinely saw a size 8 marked as L, 10 as XL and 12 as XXL. Putting on weight is not a good idea for the Italian shopper.

2) The queues for the dressing room are very long. You join the queue a little hungry, but by the time you’ve tried on the clothes and made your way to the till to pay, the hunger has passed. You can’t help but feel like you mustn’t waste any more time and head straight to the next shop.

3) Need a ‘pick me up’ while you’re out shopping? Head to a café where the price is cheaper if you have your food or drink standing up (can you feel those calories burning?)

To sum up: after finding time to eat or drink on your feet you will then feel completely demoralised squeezing into a perfectly acceptable XXL …and that’s before we consider the endurance test that is walking in heels!

I leave you with a video of a man dressed as a horse dancing in Piazza del Duomo because that’s perfectly normal for a Saturday afternoon in the city centre, right?

Horse Ballerina